Gracias / Thank you

I have just come back from a wonderful meeting of the Spanish Terrestrial Ecology Association ( AEET) where I received a prize for contributing towards a more open and reproducible science.

grateful: facilitate citation of R packages

The natural selection of bad science

Academia needs Data Science

Academia has proven slow to adapt best practices and retain many brilliant quantitative scientists. This is bad for science, as prevalent data analyses are often suboptimal, data-driven discoveries remain underdeveloped, and highly-skilled people, …

CVtools: tools for academic CV preparation in R & Rmarkdown

Should supervisors review their students' code?

I have supervised my first master project this year. The project is coming to an end, and I am very happy with the results as well as the fully reproducible workflow we have followed: all developed on GitHub using R package structure and Rmarkdown.

How to find a postdoc

Stepping into the next stage in your academic career after the PhD can be difficult. Many new doctors just don’t know what to do or where to look for. As I recently passed through it, and before I forget all this, I will post here some guidance notes from my own experience, hoping they may be useful to anyone in the future.