Lumping, splitting, or pooling taxa for niche estimation? An evaluation through computer simulations

Model selection in practice (or 'Which variables should I keep in my model?')

Slides discussing variable selection, information criteria (AIC, BIC, DIC), and other statistical modelling issues, with a focus on modelling ecological data.

Model selection and balanced complexity: AIC, BIC, DIC and beyond

Some notes on statistical model selection and comparison, balanced model complexity and predictive accuracy. An overview of different information criteria (AIC, BIC, DIC, WAIC) and cross validation. Mostly taken from Gelman et al.'s recent paper: …

Early warning signals of paradigm shifts in ecology

It has long been acknowledged that the set of methods, standards and hypotheses (a.k.a. paradigm) that guide research in any scientific discipline strongly influences their ability to make progress. While new methodologies or theories can boost new …

pacotools: Miscellaneous tools I often need and forget about

My very first R package, from 2012!