forest dynamics

Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recovery

The relationships that control seed production in trees are fundamental to understanding the evolution of forest species and their capacity to recover from increasing losses to drought, fire, and harvest. A synthesis of fecundity data from 714 …

Globally, tree fecundity exceeds productivity gradients

Lack of tree fecundity data across climatic gradients precludes the analysis of how seed supply contributes to global variation in forest regeneration and biotic interactions responsible for biodiversity. A global synthesis of raw seedproduction data …

Maintaining forest cover to enhance temperature buffering under future climate change

Forest canopies buffer macroclimatic temperature fluctuations. However, we do not know if and how the capacity of canopies to buffer understorey temperature will change with accelerating climate change. Here we map the difference (offset) between …

ClimPlant: Realized climatic niches of vascular plants in European forest understoreys

Detailed knowledge on the climatic tolerances of species is crucial to understand, quantify and predict the impact of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functions. However, quantitative data are limited; often, only expert-based qualitative …

Forest dynamics and climate change: a multiscale approach

Global buffering of temperatures under forest canopies

Macroclimate warming is often assumed to occur within forests despite the potential for tree cover to modify microclimates. Here, using paired measurements, we compared the temperatures under the canopy versus in the open at 98 sites across 5 …

Ecology and conservation of southern Iberian forests

Investigating forest dynamics in the Strait of Gibraltar region.

Forest dynamics and climate change

Climate change, microclimates, and forest dynamics.

Impactos de la herbivoría por ungulados sobre la vegetación leñosa del Parque Natural Los Alcornocales

Diapositivas presentadas en las XII Jornadas de Flora, Fauna y Ecología del Campo de Gibraltar (Tarifa, Octubre 2017).

Investigating biodiversity responses to climate change: the benefits of hindsight (and a little bit of statistics)