Comparing different approaches in ecological niche modelling (lumping, splitting, pooling taxa) through computer simulations

Rgis: streamlining GIS operations in R

rSDM: Species Distribution Modelling in R

Making interactive leaflet maps with R

Spatial data in R: using R as a GIS (new version)

Roughly one year ago, I posted here a tutorial on how to make basic GIS operations in R like importing, analysing, exporting and mapping spatial data, both raster and vectorial (i.

Spatial data in R: using R as a GIS (old version)

NOTE: This is an old version. The tutorial has been updated. You can find the new version HERE. In a previous post I pointed out several free alternatives for Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Free GIS for ecologists, biogeographers and evolutionary biologists

My colleague Neftalí Sillero and Pedro Tarroso have published recently a nice comparative review of different free and open source Geographic Information Systems (GIS) which can be useful to ecologists and evolutionary biologists willing to start using these tools or trying alternatives to proprietary software (mostly ArcGIS).