Mapas de sombra

La sombra es un recurso escaso y muy necesario en la mayoría de ciudades y municipios. Este año -el más calido registrado hasta ahora- se estiman casi 5.000 muertes asociadas al calor en España.

CityShadeMapper: Create high resolution maps of shading/insolation in cities

The easyclimate R package: easy access to high-resolution daily climate data for Europe

In recent decades there has been an increasing demand by ecologists for harmonized climatic data at large spatial scales and spanning long periods. Here we present easyclimate, a software package to obtain daily climatic data at high resolution …

easyclimate: easy access to high-resolution daily climate data

Accessing data from large online rasters with Cloud-Optimized-Geotiff, GDAL, and terra R package

Quite often we want to extract climatic or environmental data from large global raster files. The traditional workflow requires downloading the rasters (quite often many GB) and then performing data extraction in your local computer.

Lumping, splitting, or pooling taxa for niche estimation? An evaluation through computer simulations

Rgis: streamlining GIS operations in R

rSDM: Species Distribution Modelling in R

Making interactive leaflet maps with R

Spatial data in R: using R as a GIS (new version)

Roughly one year ago, I posted here a tutorial on how to make basic GIS operations in R like importing, analysing, exporting and mapping spatial data, both raster and vectorial (i.