reproducible research

vegetools: tools for reproducible vegetation analyses

rmdTemplates: a collection of Rmarkdown templates

template: generic template for research projects structured as R packages

Computational Ecology & Data Science

Computational ecology, ecoinformatics, reproducible workflows, programming and data science.

Structuring data analysis projects as R packages

Academia needs Data Science

Academia has proven slow to adapt best practices and retain many brilliant quantitative scientists. This is bad for science, as prevalent data analyses are often suboptimal, data-driven discoveries remain underdeveloped, and highly-skilled people, …

Reproducible Science: What, Why, How

Reproducibility is a hot topic in science nowadays (e.g. see this Nature special). Some argue that we are in the middle of a ‘reproducibility crisis’, and thus scientists are being strongly encouraged to increase the reproducibility of their research.

Reproducible workflows

As a side product (or trailer) of our paper on reproducible science, we made a video promoting reproducible workflows. Particularly, showing how using Git and Rmarkdown make your research and scientific collaboration way much easier and better, compared to a typical (non-reproducible) workflow involving Excel, Word, some figure production software, and a lot of manual steps.

Reproducible science: what, why, how

Most scientific papers are not reproducible: it is really hard, if not impossible, to understand how results are derived from data, and being able to regenerate them in the future (even by the same researchers). However, traceability and …

Writing papers in Rmarkdown

Rmarkdown is a great tool for reproducible science. You can combine text and code to produce dynamic reports that generate updated results with a single click, as in the example below.