Abundance of Northern Hemisphere tree species declines in the warm and arid regions of their climatic niches

Climate change is expected to drive species towards colder and wetter regions of their distribution with alternative processes such as forest management having the potential to alter species displacements. Here, using data from more than two million …

Widespread latitudinal asymmetry in the performance of marginal populations: A meta-analysis

Aim Range shifts are expected to occur when populations at one range margin perform better than those at the other margin, yet no global trend in population performances at range margins has been demonstrated empirically across a wide range of taxa …

FloraIberica: Taxonomic and distribution data for the vascular plants of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands

Biogeography and evolution of plant biotic dispersal

Assembling a global, dynamic, open, reproducible database of fruit and seed traits

rSDM: Species Distribution Modelling in R

Ecology and biogeography of laurel forests

Extinction, range dynamics and ecology of extant laurel forests in the Mediterranean and Macaronesia.

Forest dynamics and climate change

Climate change, microclimates, refugia, and forest dynamics.

Modelling species range dynamics

New approaches to hindcast and forecast species range dynamics.

A second horizon scan of biogeography: Golden Ages, Midas touches, and the Red Queen

Are we entering a new ‘Golden Age’ of biogeography, with continued development of infrastructure and ideas? We highlight recent developments, and the challenges and opportunities they bring, in light of the snapshot provided by the 7th biennial …

The problem of aggregation in ecology and biogeography