rSDM: Species Distribution Modelling in R

Asymmetry in marginal population performance foreshadows widespread species range shifts

While current climate change is altering the distribution of species worldwide1, a poor understanding of the mechanisms involved limits our ability to predict future range dynamics. Range shifts are expected to occur when populations at one range …

Ecology and biogeography of laurel forests

Extinction, range dynamics and ecology of extant laurel forests in the Mediterranean and Macaronesia.

Forest dynamics and climate change

Climate change, microclimates, and forest dynamics.

Modelling species range dynamics

New approaches to hindcast and forecast species range dynamics.

A second horizon scan of biogeography: Golden Ages, Midas touches, and the Red Queen

Are we entering a new ‘Golden Age’ of biogeography, with continued development of infrastructure and ideas? We highlight recent developments, and the challenges and opportunities they bring, in light of the snapshot provided by the 7th biennial …

The problem of aggregation in ecology and biogeography

Climate refugia: joint inference from fossil records, species distribution models and phylogeography

Climate refugia, locations where taxa survive periods of regionally adverse climate, are thought to be critical for maintaining biodiversity through the glacial–interglacial climate changes of the Quaternary. A critical research need is to better …

Latitudinal gradients as natural laboratories to infer species' responses to temperature

Macroclimatic variation along latitudinal gradients provides an excellent natural laboratory to investigate the role of temperature and the potential impacts of climate warming on terrestrial organisms. Here, we review the use of latitudinal …

Early warning signals of paradigm shifts in ecology

It has long been acknowledged that the set of methods, standards and hypotheses (a.k.a. paradigm) that guide research in any scientific discipline strongly influences their ability to make progress. While new methodologies or theories can boost new …