species distribution modelling

Lumping, splitting, or pooling taxa for niche estimation? An evaluation through computer simulations

Rgis: streamlining GIS operations in R

rSDM: Species Distribution Modelling in R

Niche estimation above and below the species level

Ecological niches reflect not only adaptation to local circumstances but also the tendency of related lineages to share environmental tolerances. As a result, information on phylogenetic relationships has underappreciated potential to inform …

Incorporating evolution in ecological niche modelling

En este seminario se discutirán distintas aproximaciones metodológicas (Smith et al. 2018) para intentar mejorar nuestras estimaciones de nicho ecológico teniendo en cuenta la posible divergencia intraespecífica o adaptación local de las poblaciones, …

Modelling species range dynamics

New approaches to hindcast and forecast species range dynamics.

Pliocene-Pleistocene ecological niche evolution shapes the phylogeography of a Mediterranean plant group

Estimating species ability to adapt to environmental changes is crucial to understand their past and future response to climate change. The Mediterranean Basin has experienced remarkable climatic changes since the Miocene, which have greatly …

Niche shifts after long-distance dispersal events in bipolar sedges (Carex, Cyperaceae)

Bipolar species represent the greatest biogeographical disjunction on Earth, raising many questions about the colonization and adaptive processes behind such striking distribution. We investigated climatic niche differences of five Carex bipolar …

Climate refugia: joint inference from fossil records, species distribution models and phylogeography

Climate refugia, locations where taxa survive periods of regionally adverse climate, are thought to be critical for maintaining biodiversity through the glacial–interglacial climate changes of the Quaternary. A critical research need is to better …

Climate refugia: from the Last Glacial Maximum to the 21st century

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